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Monday, February 26, 2007

Adequate length makes a big difference in a design

One mistake that I made with the GB/CB/1905 design in 1971 was that the length was 770ft for a 25,000 ton Standard displacement (a displacement specification not created until 1921) ship that was designed for a 33 knot speed. For large, fast ships, length is critical, as the power required is so dependent on length. That is why my modified "Ideal Battleship" needed to be something like 586ft long, given the 12-12in guns and the complete 12in belt, and the specified 24 knot speed. 521-1/2ft was just not enough. As it is, Colonel Cuniberti's 17,000 ton normal displacement was grossly inadequate to provide sufficient structural strength. The size needed to be much larger, as well, so that adequate seakeeping could be achieved at a 24 knot speed.

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