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Monday, February 12, 2007

I don't understand if the error message that I see in the Springsharp 3.0 report is an error on my part, or a bug in the program

The Springsharp 3.0 Beta seems to be a nice improvement over the preceding version. The work is still moving forward and will culminate with a better speed-power calculation. The freeboard display should help me better understand what their program is doing and make better freeboard inputs. I have an image, but there seems to be a problem with the image size that I cannot correct now, until I get home, as I cannot upload files at work, as the control panel is blocked by the firewall. You can see the image here. I keep getting this error message in everything I do:
 Coal fired boilers, steam turbines, 
 ERROR: Revise drives, 4 shafts, 172,585 shp / 128,748 Kw = 33.00 kts
 Range 6,200nm at 15.00 kts
 Bunker at max displacement = 6,615 tons (100% coal)

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