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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I am struggling to describe turret positions for Colonel Cuniberti's "Ideal Battleship"

The current version of the Ross-Gowan's Springsharp program seems to have limited ability to describe the vertical position of turrets. This is a significant issue for Colonel Cuniberti's "Ideal Battleship", described in a seminal article in the 1903 Jane's All the World's Fighting Ships. The gun layout is very typical of Colonel Cuniberti's Italian designs that were actually built, particularly the Roma class. There is this diagrammatic drawing that I drew in April 2005:

There are also some photos, of varying quality, that I put together, as well:

Here is a shot from a higher elevation, from a distance:

Here is a photo from the port quarter:

The design has four twin 12in turrets and four single 12in turrets. There are also 12-12pdr QF guns in a battery below the forecastle level, but amidships. The 12in belt is complete, also in the Continental style of the period. The speed was to be a very great 24 knots. In Springsharp, the way I have been describing the 12in gun turret positions is not working well, as there are recoil and stability issues, when the layout really should work. The problem is with the concept of how Springsharp describes superfiring guns. If the upper 12in wing turrets are desribed as superfiring, there is a problem. Does anyone have a suggested solution?

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