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Thursday, March 01, 2007

The formula for anachronistic ships embodied in the WWII-looking Lion design, can be applied to many ships

The formula that I used for the anachronistic Lion design is widely applicable. The ship basically takes the dimensions for some ship, say the Dreadnought, and then gives the ship a flush deck, a WWII-looking superstructure, and triple and twin turrets to provide the necessary number of barrels, but all on the centerline. The anachronistic Dreadnought would have four turrets: two triple 12in/45 and two twin 12in/45, with the twin in the superfiring positions at each end. I have a card stock model of the Dreadnought at 1/600 scale with just such a layout, although with my usual simplications. For paper models, I have found that I am not interested in the sort of model that Lou Coatney wants. They are very fragile, so I do not invest a lot of time for detail or realism.

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