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Friday, June 01, 2007

Slapton Sands in 1944

I have been debating about where to write about Slapton Sands, but Dreadnought Cruisers seems as good a place as any. I found out about Slapton Sands while sitting in the restuarant at Gatwick Airport, while on my way back to the U.S. from Amsterdam. I spoke with a couple from Plymouth, England. When Rich found out that I wrote about history, he asked me if I had heard about Slapton Sands, and of course, I had not. As was not unusual in World War II, there was a disaster and the scope was hidden for a long time. The incident happened during the Tiger Practice Exercise. Basically, during a practice for D-Day, German "E-boats" (fast attack craft) sank some LST's and killed many men. The incident was hidden from the Germans, as well the British and American people. Only long after the war did the details become public. There is a page called "An Overview of What Happened at Slapton Sands". This is another account. This sort of incident was routinely hidden, probably because of the political reprocussions and Britain and the U.S.

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