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Sunday, January 01, 2006

A really good photo from has some really good photos of warships. One that I thought was especially good is a picture of the Invincible and Inflexible at the Falklands. The Invincible is following the Inflexible. The identification is possible because the Invincible still did not have its forefunnel raised.

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Tone said...

The ship in the background appears to be Devonshire. The stripes on the stacks are part of the identification scheme, and I was unaware that these were left in place so far into the fighting (they were soon painted out).

The ship in the rear, if I correctly see four stacks each with a single white stripe, is either Devonshire or Duke of Edinborough, neither of which was at the Falklands.

I am not convinced that they are at the Falklands in the photo for this reason and the fact that other images indisputably taken at the battle show Invincible without her identification stripes (though perhaps they were painted out at the Falklands).

It is possible, I suppose, that this image was taken shortly before the war or before they sailed to the Falklands.

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