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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My early attempts at fuel consumption calculations

In the early 1970's, I had attempted to make fuel consumption and range calculations for the British ships that my friend Cliff had designed. It was based on a fuel consumption figure per SHP.
Type        Name             SHP      Speed    Fuel       Range/endurance in hours
GB/CB/1905  Essex     Max    112,000  33 knots 4500 tons  1980nm    60 hours
                      Cruise  35,000  22 knots            9230nm   192 hours
GB/BB/1906  Britannia Max     42,000  24 knots 3700 tons  3210nm   134 hours
                      Cruise  32,000  20 knots            3460nm   173 hours
GB/CB/1910  Tiger     Max    150,000  33 knots 6000 tons  1980nm    60 hours
                      Cruise  42,000  22 knots            4680nm   213 hours
Springsharp doesn't provide a mechanism for doing this sort of calculation directly, although my Warship General Design program might be modified to do so.

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